We Are All In This Together You Know!

Well, our beach fun summertime is almost drawing to a close; however, it’s not that uncommon to get that late July itch that it’s time to head back to school to mold and shape minds with a whole new tribe!

Administrators, Feed the Teachers!

Administrators, Feed the Teachers!

Good Evening All, I finished and uploaded an awesome training presentation for administrators who are completely sold out to teacher empowerment and teacher efficacy! Have you heard of the awesome book, If You Don’t Feed the Teachers, They Will Eat

Working on Strengthening Students’ Working Memory Skills…

Working on Strengthening Students’ Working Memory Skills…

Happy Wednesday and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! As most of you are neck deep in state testing, I thought about a strategy that we wish we could all utilize 24/7… that strategy of opening our students’ minds and pouring into

Are You Educating “A Fish in a Tree?” The Answer is YES…

Happy Monday to everyone! This past weekend was Drew’s birthday weekend — Saturday, April 8th. My baby boy is not so much a baby anymore for sure. While my other boys are 27, 25, and 24, my Drew is 13!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road… No! Follow the Data Road!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road… No! Follow the Data Road!

Follow the data road… how many times have you all heard the expression to “teach from your data?” I suspect everyone of you who is currently reading this post! Well, I want to remind you this morning, that now, maybe

Handout for Your Top Three Stressors!

Good Evening Everyone! I am a bit late; however, here is the cover page to the printable for our look into beginning the year with our “A-Game.” As well, I have included the first page which asks you to take

Let’s DeStress Your Upcoming School Year!

Good Morning All, I hope that your Thursday morning finds you doing well. July is proving to be so so hot! As you know from my “About” page, I like English Bulldogs “just a little bit.” Well, English Bulldogs can

TGIF! Hope your 4th weekend is Awesome!

Good Morning All My Teacher Friends, I hope all of you are doing awesome this morning, and why shouldn’t you be… it’s Friday and July 4th weekend! Have you got great plans? I absolutely can not believe that it is

July 4th Already… Well, There’s Still A Little Time Left…

Good Afternoon, I hope your Tuesday is going well, and I thought I would let you in on some fun July 4th Photo Props that I placed in the Etsy Store as well as on Teachers Pay Teachers and TES!

So You Want to Be a MILLIONAIRE?

Well, as the school year ends, you might be looking for strategies that will help you at actively engage your students as they prepare for end of year assessments such as: state assessments, end-of-year final exams, course assessments, etc. If