Hi! I’m Terri Rhea, and I absolutely love life and all that it has to offer! Life is very, very short, and I feel like we must do everything that we can to make the most of it! I thought that I might tell you all a little bit about my family because, we all know that;s what makes our heart tick! I am the proud mom of four boys, two daughter-in-laws, two daughters, and two precious grandchildren… or I should probably say three grown men and one “tween”  where those boys are concerned. Yes, I did say that… I am too old to have a 12-year old; however, God blesses us more than we could ever expect! My firstborn is Zach, and he is married to guess who… yep, a school teacher! Her name is Jade, and she totally gets his ADHD self LOL. Zach climbs in huge “jumbo-trons” and makes the electronics work… I don’t know how else to describe it but it suits him perfect! They have two children, and they are more whole heart! Jace is three and Lily Kate is eight months old.

Zach, Jade, Jace, and Lily Kate
Zach, Jade, Jace, and Lily Kate

Then, next is my sweet Blake and his sweet girlfriend and soon-to-be wife Lauren. Blake is a construction engineer and Lauren has a wonderful boutique called Funky Shoes, and I have to stay out of there! They are getting married in September, and I am so excited. Of course, I am not trying to “hurry them,” but I need many more grandbabies!

My red head and my heart!
My red-head and my heart!

Then, my next young, handsome, stellar son is Brady! Brady has been in love with baseball for a long, long time but he has graduated with a business administrations degree, and is in the management training program for Sanderson Farms and absolutely loves it! I think he finally figured out that maybe baseball wasn’t going to pay his bills after all. I continue to try to “match-make” for Brady, but as soon as I find someone who I really like, he breaks-up with them (just kidding… but I am beginning to wonder…).

“The Big Unit”

And…. I have two beautiful daughters as well! Mary Elizabeth is in nursing school at Mississippi University for Women and will finish at the end of next year! She is smart, independent, and beautiful!

Just a bridesmaid... Whew!
Just a bridesmaid… Whew!

And then there’s Emily Caroline. She is “Sweet Sixteen!” She loves to LIVE on her phone but what sixteen year old doesn’t. She too is beautiful and smart, and she can sing like there’s no tomorrow!

I told ya... she's gorgeous!
I told ya… she’s gorgeous!

And then…. there’s my Drew Man. He’s my special gift to say the least, and I have to be really careful to not completely make him rotten! He’s 12 going on 7!

I don't guess he wants sugar from his mother anymore!
I don’t guess he wants sugar from his mother                               anymore!
A Great Night with the Governor and First Lady of Mississippi!
A Great Night with the Governor and First                             Lady of Mississippi!

And then there is my better half! He completes me for sure! I couldn’t make it without him, and I am truly blessed that God sent me Alan. He does everything and anything that he can to make sure that I am happy!

Love him too death!
                  Love him to death!

Alan and Terri

Well, I mustn’t leave out our four-legged loves… our English Bulldogs… in fact Bullies Belle Queen Rhea just blessed us with eleven (yes I did say 11) little bullies!! They are precious!

This is Belle giving Drew advice about his homework!
This is Belle giving Drew advice               about his homework!
Belle's Bullies #2
                A tired momma!

Belle's Bullies #3

In regards to education, I have spent the last twenty-eight years as a classroom teacher, lead teacher, assistant principal, supervising principal, and director of elementary curriculum, special services as well as gifted services for a large, rural school district in south Mississippi. As well, I have spent two years as a school administrator for the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, the largest federally recognized tribe in the United States. I serve as an educational consultant and enjoy traveling across Mississippi coaching and training teachers and administrators to be all they can be. I thoroughly enjoy working with teacher stress and burn-out and worry about this particular domain of teaching ALL the time. Teaching is just plain TOUGH! I write educational materials for teachers and administrators to use in professional development sessions as well as curricular resources for teachers to use with students!

I love life and I love being a Christian and striving to do all that God would have in store for me!

Okay, enough about me!