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Good Evening All,

I finished and uploaded an awesome training presentation for administrators who are completely sold out to teacher empowerment and teacher efficacy!

Have you heard of the awesome book, If You Don’t Feed the Teachers, They Will Eat the Students! It is an awesome piece  of work by Neila A. Connors who is obviously keenly aware of the effectiveness of a happy teacher! All too many times teachers are never told what an awesome job they do on a daily basis.

This training presentation prepares administrators for a new mindset that focuses on empowering teachers and sharing leadership! The results of this mindset are powerful!

The training consists of 125 slides which all focus on long-lasting success with the implementation of strategies which “feed teachers!”

I have included this handy link so that you might get your copy of this book to utilize with the training slides!

Get Yours Now!

Product Description of Training Presentation: 

This product is an awesome training presentation for administrators who are keenly aware of the power of “feeding the teachers so that they don’t eat the students!” The training presentation contains 125 slides which adhere and follow the text entitled, “If You Don’t Feed the Teachers, They Will Eat the Students!” Components of the presentation include, but are not limited too:

Chapter One: Whetting Your Appetite — The Menu, Please!
Chapter Two: The Need to Feed
Chapter Three: Creating the Ambiance — Preparing to Dine
Chapter Four: The Administrator as the Master Chef — Pass the P’s Please!
Chapter Five: The M.E.A.L.S.
Chapter Six: If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen!
Chapter Seven: Fat-Free D.E.S.S.E.R.T.S.
Chapter Eight: The Check, Please!

This set of training slides gives one a plethora of information and resources for empowering teachers and feeding one’s faculty!

Here is the link to the training presentation: If You Don’t Feed the Teachers, They Will Eat the Students!

Have a great Tuesday! Goodnight!


Administrators, Feed the Teachers!

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