So You Want to Be a MILLIONAIRE?

Well, as the school year ends, you might be looking for strategies that will help you at actively engage your students as they prepare for end of year assessments such as: state assessments, end-of-year final exams, course assessments, etc. If

Students Need Goals as They Head Into State Assessments!

Good Evening Everyone! I know that you know… how well you all know… it’s that time of the year… the dreaded state assessments, and there are so many of them! We all know our ultimate goal is for students to

Third Grade Teachers, You Are On My Mind!

Lately, I have worked with several third grade teachers here in Mississippi, and I just continue to have this particular group on my mind this morning. Honestly, whether we agree with all of this testing or not, this particular group

How Do You Achieve Rigor and Relevance in this Hurried Up World of a Place Called School?

I worry about this all of the time! I get the most awesome opportunity to be with teachers many days in their respective classrooms… and I worry! Believe me when I tell you that teachers are working super, super hard