We Are All In This Together You Know!

Well, our beach fun summertime is almost drawing to a close; however, it’s not that uncommon to get that late July itch that it’s time to head back to school to mold and shape minds with a whole new tribe!

Handout for Your Top Three Stressors!

Good Evening Everyone! I am a bit late; however, here is the cover page to the printable for our look into beginning the year with our “A-Game.” As well, I have included the first page which asks you to take

*FREEBIE* Time Management Strategy Printable for All of You!

Good Morning Educators! In another blog that I write, Superwom@n By Design, I felt it necessary to address the issue/concern/monster and anything else that we might call it; nevertheless, I don’t know about all of you but time management for

How Do You Achieve Rigor and Relevance in this Hurried Up World of a Place Called School?

I worry about this all of the time! I get the most awesome opportunity to be with teachers many days in their respective classrooms… and I worry! Believe me when I tell you that teachers are working super, super hard

The Risk of Indecision…

This morning I am at home catching up on emails, grading online assignments in regards to community engagement for graduate students, getting additional consignment items ready, and, of course, continuing to chase a dream. I try to “read a quote