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How do you engage Generation Z middle school students in English class? The answer is quite simple my dear! LOL, don’t we wish! But, I do believe that you can certainly make headway with this resource! What middle school student doesn’t knowing more about old abandoned creepy amusement parks? Yea, most all of them do!

So, check this resource out!

Old Abandoned Creepy Joyland Amusement Park

Click on the picture below of the cover page for the link of this resource to take you straight to the page for more information!

Just what are the twenty-one creepiest abandoned amusement parks around the world? They are sure to invoke a lot of interest especially during the month of creepy October! Well, the Joyland Amusement Park, which was located in Kansas, made the top twenty-one.

This informational text is about that very park! Your students will be at the height of engagement as they read and annotate about this old abandoned park. From the old wooden roller coaster to the uniqueness of Louie the Clown, they will be eager to read the entire text with wonder of the old, abandoned creepy parks.

The article is five pages long and includes six illustrations from the old abandoned park complete with captions that are included in the formative quiz that is included for you to use as you desire. Additionally, at the conclusion of the article, you will find a vocabulary and comprehension formative quiz that contains fifteen different questions in the form of open-ended as well as multiple choice. Each of these various fifteen questions are written on various levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Sample Page of the Informative Text

As well, there is a performance-based task included that you might use as you desire. The task is that of researching some of the various old wooden roller coasters around the world, and then after the research has been conducted, the students will convey the historical aspects of old wooden coasters as well as the beginning stages of designing and constructing an old wooden roller coaster. Included in this packet is that of a reference list of the twenty oldest surviving and still operating wooden roller coasters of the world from which students can make decisions about which ones they can choose from to further research.

Finally, there is a writing prompt included that is of an argumentative nature in that students are too argue whether the Preservation Alliance or another organization of similar nature should take on the task of preserving repairing, rebuilding, and preserving the old wooden roller coaster for their generation and beyond. The prompt is specific in what the students should provide in their argument.

Sample Page From Vocabulary and Comprehension Quiz

Your students will love this piece of informational text while continuing to improve their literacy skills during the creepy month of October!

Have a great Thursday!


How to Engage Middle School Students in a Literacy Endeavor They Can’t Refuse!
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