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Good Morning All,

I hope that your Thursday morning finds you doing well. July is proving to be so so hot! As you know from my “About” page, I like English Bulldogs “just a little bit.” Well, English Bulldogs can not take the heat in Central Mississippi — with the humidity level — it’s like 105 degrees ugh! Nevertheless, imagine this… six large crates/kennels with a total of nine English Bullies in your house! OMG! OMG! Thank goodness for the crates — I can let a couple of them out at a time; however, if I let more than that all of my end tables etc. get completely cleaned off and a mess is inevitable LOL. But, I love them! Yes, I have a kennel and love raising little English Bullies to send to their forever homes! Okay, enough of my “Bullies.”

I need you to think about what may have stressed you during the school year this past year. In fact, write down the top three stressors of this past school year. I have included several to get your brain in gear but you determine what your three stressors were and write them down. Here are some examples: (1) A very challenging student with multiple needs in terms of behavior, accommodations, etc.; (2) A new mandate with very little training; (3) the sheer amount of grading, paperwork in general, data collection and interpretations; (4) morale where you might work; (5) relationship(s) with a co-worker; (6) lack of support or perceived lack of support from the administration; (7) observation and evaluation; (8) lack of resources; (9) inability to be able to conquer differentiation; and/or (10) rush, rush… can’t slow down mentality. These are just a FEW of the stressors I can think of quickly that make us feel like we can’t swim to the surface of the water! Now, you can’t pick them all — just choose your top three!

Now, after you have chosen your top three stressors of the previous year, let’s map out a game plan for being proactive so that these same components of our school year do not plague us again!

For example purposes and modeling, I am going to make some choices in that I want to use these choices to take you through the entire process of committing to being proactive up front. My top three stressors are: (1) challenging student; (2) the sheer amount of grading, paperwork, data collection, etc.; and (3) inability to conquer differentiation.

Now, get busy and write those down and we will move from there in how to make sure that we do not have a “repeat performance!”

Tonight, I will post a handout/workbook in helping you with this process!

Have a great Thursday!

    Put on your high-high superwoman shoes                        teachers! We got this!


Let’s DeStress Your Upcoming School Year!
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