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Good Evening Everyone!

I know that you know… how well you all know… it’s that time of the year… the dreaded state assessments, and there are so many of them! We all know our ultimate goal is for students to take ownership of their own learning, and be able to make realistic, sensible decisions in regards to their academics — well, they need to with state assessments as well. In this series of posts in regards to tips and strategies for state testing, here is the second strategy to work on with your students. Allow students to set some goals for the state assessments… to get “so many” questions out of the total right? To feel more confident about their particular hardest part of the assessment? To know what some of his/her best strengths are? To know what he/she has to work hard and really focus hard on and can deem them his/her weaknesses, and have a plan of attack for how to do well. There are many, many goals that students might need to establish. As well, there might be goals that the class needs to establish as a community that learns together and pushes forward together! I have included a few snapshots of a resource that I have created that you might enjoy using with your students to establish goals and then to work on the goals established. This activity will help to bolster the confidence of your students and helps giving them the willpower to keep pushing forward! You have all got this! Here is the link to get this resource! https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Goal-Setting-Organizer-and-Desk-Cards-for-State-Assessments-2488384

Graphic Organizer to Establish Goals for State                              Assessments!
Desk Cards to Help Track Progress of Goals!
Desk Cards to Help Track Progress of Goals for State Assessments!
Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 8.07.58 PM
Cover Page of Resource for Goal Setting for                            State Assessment!

Try working on helping students establish goals for state testing, and then use many, many opportunities to work on strategies for meeting those goals!

Have an awesome Thursday and watch American Idol– two Mississippi finalists!


Students Need Goals as They Head Into State Assessments!
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