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Good Morning All My Teacher Friends,

I hope all of you are doing awesome this morning, and why shouldn’t you be… it’s Friday and July 4th weekend! Have you got great plans? I absolutely can not believe that it is already July 1st — where does time go? I don’t know about you but usually when July rolls around, I really start thinking in “school mode” still after all these years. This past week I designed a couple of resources to share with you all, and I plan now to really get cranked up with my blog and free offerings so stay tuned for sure. I big “shout-out” goes to all of my new subscribers — welcome lovely! I am your best cheerleader as you are a part of the best profession in the world– educating our future! WOWZA! No pressure LOL! So, back to the resources… I know that many of you all have communication logs that you utilize when you communicate with parents, and of course you can use one of those for this purpose as well; however, I’m not sure about you but if your like me, I would love to be able to pay some additional attention to the amount of “positive communication” that I communicate to parents as well. And… when you do have to communicate with parents about something not so terribly great, if you have communicated about something positive or great, then the not-so-great is received and processed so much better — I can promise you that from my experiences as a school administrator. So, really simple… I developed a “Good Notes” communication log so that  you can document and keep up with who all you have gone the extra mile with in reaching out via some form of communication i.e. old fashioned phone call, text, email, note, letter mailed, etc. Then, about every two weeks or so, take a gander at your log. Who hasn’t been bragged on? Who needs some uplift and motivation? Because this communication log is one that you will only use for the “good stuff” and the “great stuff” and the “just plain awesome” stuff, you can quickly determine who needs a boost! Check it out and I will bring you another resource in the morning as well as a July filled with uplifters to get ready to lift-off into a new school year!

Here is the URL address for this resource:


“Good Notes” Communication Log
Example Page of the Log

I absolutely hope that your Friday is great!

Share this blog with your teacher friends and lets have a great time together!



TGIF! Hope your 4th weekend is Awesome!
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