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Well, our beach fun summertime is almost drawing to a close; however, it’s not that uncommon to get that late July itch that it’s time to head back to school to mold and shape minds with a whole new tribe! As we get busy with our school year, there are not many opportunities that are taken to tell us that “we’re doing a great job” or “way to go!” Sometimes, all we need is just a bit of encouragement and empowerment to make it to the first finish line (fall break LOL).

In keeping with this in mind, I have created this set of awards in the form of a printable called the, “You Done Good!” Award. Yes, I realize that statement is not grammatically correct; however, this award is tailored after a story in the business world.

From the business perspective, Joe Floren of Tektronix, Inc., a manufacturer of oscilloscopes and other electronic instruments located in Beaverton, OR, liked to tell the story of the “You Done Good” Award. A former communication manager, Floren recalls having coffee a number of years ago with his boss, the vice president. The boss stated that he had been mulling over a problem stemming from the company’s rapid growth. He thought the company was getting so big that it needed a formal recognition program. Previously, he had read some handbooks and presented to Floren the different variations of how an employee could earn a gold watch. Floren did not care too much for the boss’s proposition; therefore, the boss challenged him to come up with something better!

Floren suggested coming up with a “You Done Good Award” and letting any other employees send to one another at random to build morale and a community spirit among all of the employees. To Floren’s surprise, the vice president agreed with him and thus this award was born! Floren had some notecards printed up and started distributing them to employees with explanations and expectations! Soon, the awards caught on and have become a part of the company to this day!

“Even though people say nice things to you,” says Floren, “it means something more when people will take the time to write their name on an piece of paper and say it.” Floren finished by saying a lot of people place their notes expressing kudos from their fellow employees at their desks to remember for weeks and weeks!

Try this award idea activity with your fellow employees!

This packet of “I Done Good Award” consists of eight different designs as
backgrounds for the award cards.
These designs represent somewhat of a summer theme.
There are other themes available to represent other seasons of the year.

The background designs include the following:

(1) pineapple with florals with a white background;
(2) florals with gold swirlies;
(3) small pink hearts splash;
(4) gold polka-dots;
(5) mint green polka-dots;
(6) pink strings with tassels;
(7) mint green stripes; and
(8) pineapples with florals on mint green background paper

There are 10 pages of each of the preceding designs mentioned above with three award notecards on each of the sheets for a total of approximately 240 notecards to begin the award program with in terms of giving the notecards to employees. Of course, there are many other variations of how one might implement this suggested award at a place of business or among a faculty and staff at a school or in a school district.


Example of Notecard

A crucial point to remember is the fact that ALL businesses and companies need some sort of way to compliment their employees and empower them to always give their best in each and every situation!

Head on over, using this link, “You Done Good!” Award Printables, and get your copy now!

Here’s hoping you’ll have a great year!


We Are All In This Together You Know!
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